Monoscapes from Central India

Central Indian forests are known for their extraordinary landscapes; It's the landscape where Kipling's Jungle book was set. It's the landscape that you fall in love with, the very first time. This is a visual journey across this brilliant landscape.

River Terns of Bhadra

A short film on the beautiful birds that throng the backwaters of Bhadra dam each year. The film brings the story of their lives up-close. With hidden camera traps, underwater cameras and high speed cameras, the film captures some special sequences.

Natural Australia

From beautiful coasts to pristine rain-forests, from coral reefs to great mountains, Australia is a photographer's dream. Here's a photo documentation of my month long trip across Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and Queensland.

How to save the Tiger?

What goes into protecting India's national animal? We take you deep into the BRT Tiger reserve of India to find out. Breath taking landscapes, brush with a Tiger and cutting-edge technology are just some highlights.

India's first wildlife music video

'Jaya Hai Kannada Thaye' - Shot entirely in Karnataka over 2 years. Watch out for the first ever shots of fresh water jelly fish in India and also the recently discovered Blue Eyed Bush Frog.

Notes from Kabini

The Kabini reservoir in Nagarhole national park of India is known as the mecca of Indian wildlife. Come summer and hoards of animals throng the backwater. Take a journey across Kabini and its heritage.

Western ghats - biodiversity

Along the south-western coast of India lies the western ghats mountain range. These ranges are known for their rich bio-diveristy and natural heritage. The mountains intercept the rain-bearing monsoon winds, and are area of high rainfall, and hence known as monsoon mountains.

Masai Mara

The Masai Mara, known by the locals as "The Mara". The word "Mara" in Maa (Maasai language) means "spotted". It's an apt description for the acacia trees, bushes, savannas, the dark clouds and mountains that mark this landscape.