Hide and Seek

by amogh on 3/10/2010

Leopards are masters of stealth and that’s what helps them hunt and survive in the thick forests of southern India. They are known to hide and ambush than chase and hunt. These are some pictures of leopards from different trips, which show the brilliant stealth capabilities of the leopard.

This Leopard came running across the jeep track and hid between the tree stumps beautifully and then ran inside the bushes and watched us for a while.

The same leopard above which went into the bushes and watched us.

A leopard in the paddy fields near Daroji, hiding but still wants to watch.

Leopard in Kabini watching us from inside the thicket.

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  1. 3/10/2010Tarique Sani says:

    Great series!


  2. 4/10/2010Monish says:

    Super set of pictures, nice series…


  3. 29/01/2011udaya says:

    Nice pics


  4. 1/02/2011sharanappa kalshetty says:

    recently i have read about u in a kannada news papere
    can u share more how u shoot leopord when u have been to daroji bear santuary in bellary dist.Ur photos are very nice all photos tells one story keep up


    amogh Reply:

    Thank you… We saw the leopard crossing road near a village road and photographed it in the car light.


  5. 15/04/2011srinivasa says:

    great passion, bold and beautiful passion


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