Travel and photography update


Last couple of weeks have been quite exciting in terms of travel.

A very fruitful trip to Bandipur where I got to see 2 tigers. And got my first and only shot of the south indian tiger

Then a quick trip to bhadra and teerthalli.

Pictures of River terns, Pratin coles and more here:




Bandipur is like home to me, the forest is always lively and more so with good friends around.

This is a shot of the vegetation, a typical deciduous forest.These waterholes are lifelines to the jungle.


Life’s hectic


Truck loads of work is what is keeping me away from travel and posting as the product I’ve been working on is close to launch. I’m pretty kicked about the launch, everyone in Bangalore will get to use our service online once its launched, which I’m hoping will happen in a couple of weeks. In other news, finally got some time to process the long pending Bandipur photographs, where we saw wilddogs with a kill. Here they are

more about this picture here.

Wild dog resting, wild dog staring, More wild dog, elephant calf, wild dogs running, Oriental honey buzzard


Pixetra club…


Pixetra, a chain of digital imaging and photography stores have started a photo club recently. And have featured my photographs and my monsoon article. Please have a look, some of you have been asking me about the details of chase. You can find the article and feature on their website.

In other news, just came back from Bandipur today morning. Had some excellent wild dog sightings. Will post the pics soon!


Truck load of photos


Have uploaded lot of photographs from the recent trips to Kerala and Bandipur, You’ll find the Nilgiri Tahr also in the albums. check out the Mammals and Nature section.


Life update…


NDTV says it might air the interview in the weekend

Since I’ve not been feeling too well, haven’t yet processed the images from the kerala trip, until then here are some photos from the recent bandipur trip Crested serpent eagle staring, Crested serpent eagle doing yoga on one leg and House sparrow with kill


Recent trips


Made 2 trips in the last 2 weeks, 1 to BR hills and the other to Bandipur. Though had to return from BR hills just in a day due to some issues, the trip was quite good.

Bandipur was pretty fruitful in terms of photography, as we got to shoot a pond terrapin, monitor lizard and some more elephants. The sad story was that we missed a leopard in 2minutes and a tiger as well in the next 5 mins. A noisy bus full of kids and bright color clothed people got to see them.

Here’s posting the pics from the BR hills trip, Bandipur coming shortly…

Crested hawk eagle