Travel and photography update


Last couple of weeks have been quite exciting in terms of travel.

A very fruitful trip to Bandipur where I got to see 2 tigers. And got my first and only shot of the south indian tiger

Then a quick trip to bhadra and teerthalli.

Pictures of River terns, Pratin coles and more here:


Travel and more travel


Loads of travelling coming up. Next week coorg, and in dec off 15 days to Madhya Pradesh and Delhi. Ofcourse chasing the big cats.

Yesterday did a short trip to Maidanahalli, blackbuck sanctuary. Was quite fruitful.

And here are some pics from bhadra

Barking deer eyes
Bhadra backwaters
Praying mantis


Pixetra club outings


I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the photo workshops conducted by pixetra, its fun to be in the wild with people who are very keen on photography and are nature lovers too.

Highlight of the trip is that I got a glimpse of a jungle cat (i’m 90% sure)

A detailed account on the second trip here on metroblogs by

And here are 2 more pics from the muthodi trip

Bird in action
Tall teak tree

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Photography update


Been travelling + photographing plenty. First the trip to Bhadra and then the Air show and yesterday the Bird race. Its been pretty hectic as the terrain is all dry and dusty this season.

I also made a small trip to Tavarekoppa lion and tiger sanctuary from Bhadra, the tigers there are pretty well fed and ferocious. I couldn’t help but shoot my first animal in captive. Though shooting through the bus we were sitting in which had 1 inch wide mesh openings was a challenge in itself.