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My new ride, a 4X4 Safari dicor EX – mountain green. Been wanting this for a longtime for all my jungle travels, with 4 wheel drive and green color its just perfect for the forests. With 140bhp under the hood and a refined 2.2 ltr engine, its powerful and more fuel efficient. And ofcourse I’m not selling the zen


NY times and their apathy towards issues


I wrote a letter to NY times editor almost a month back regarding

and so did a couple of my friends and still no one has received a reply.

—mail begins—
I wanted to bring to your notice, the article
Which is about the launch of the world’s cheapest car released in India.

This article’s content I think is uncalled for, it is at one level falsification of facts or fictitious if I may call so. The author though being an Indian, clearly has a disconnect with India, and probably is trying to paint an image that’s only in his imagination. In the era while a country is at pace with the world with nano technology and houses the Silicon city of the world, the title “Indians Hit the Road Amid Elephants”, is so very unreal. A lot of my media friends share the same opinion, as NYTIMES and such are the face of Indian News around the world, such reports clearly damage the country’s reputation. Clearly no report in the world mentions indian roads and drivers as the worst, on the contrary a google search just triggers almost all other countries than India. I think a note of apology from the author is called for.


My babe got new wheels


New HR mag alloys, and michelin tubeless tires. Was really tired of fixing punctures in the middle of jungles, highways, traffic…

In other news this photo was shot by my new sonyericsson K810i which I got replaced after sonyericsson accepted my issues with the older phone, thankfully they were not bureaucratic and my exchange was smooth. So I’ll be resuming moblogging on


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Protected: I woke up one morning and got myself a car…


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