Life update…


A quite busy and fast stage is happening in life at the current moment, need a big break.

Did a couple of trips in the recent past. Had been to a club mahindra sponsored bloggers meet at Coorg. Though I’m not a big fan of luxury resorts I did enjoy myself thoroughly. My 2 cents on the place are that they’ve not disturbed any habitat, as the resort is in a coffee plantation which is a big relief. Its a very well maintained resort in terms of local flavor and keeping the mood to the typical Coorg culture. It has loads of activities, I kept wondering how many days one needs to stay to complete these.

Did a quick trip to Dubare elephant trip from the resort which was the icing. The group was a lot of fun. For a super detailed trip read Anil’s blog, Some pics from the trip here.

In other news, am heading north for 2 weeks the coming weekend, will be in Bharatpur, Kanha, Bandavgarh and Delhi.


Worker bee


This is a worker bee collecting pollen from the coffee flower, as you can see its got small packets of pollen attached to its legs almost like missile career aircrafts, during the coffee blossom season, all worker bees collect pollen and drop it at their hive and again resume the process. Some worker bees which don’t work are often killed by other worker bees.


Life update….


Loads of things happening in life. Trips, work, gadgets… And more…