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24hr coffee shops…


You are hungry, its 1am. What are your options?

1. Empire, Imperial, Paramount (I can’t eat at any of these places – I’m a veggie)
2. If you’ve stacked up some junk at home, eat that (I’m not that organized)
3. Go to a 24hr medical shop and get chocolates (Chocolates wont fill me)
4. Goto a 24hr coffee shop

Today at 1am I wanted to eat, and eventually I figured out that only way I could eat was at a 24hr coffee shop and eventually went to my all time favorite Mynt.

But seriouly what do you do when you want to eat at 1am and all you want to spend is say 200 bucks?


The 18rs Dinner


I came home late at around 10pm around and no mood to go and eat out alone. But then I realized was getting hungry as well, and I realised I had just had 10rs as I had forgotten to withdraw cash from the ATM (Yeah cards have spoilt me). And was in no mood to drive to ATM and then go get food. At the same time I was on the phone with and she suggested I find change and go eat something, and she pretty much motivated me to eat I’d say.

So I found change worth 20rs! and then with 30rs I strolled out it was already 10:45 and found the road side shops. Went had a dosa and 2 idlys for 13rs and then I also ate 2 bananas for 5rs. So a hearty meal for 18rs!!! And how satisfying it was.

Danke !