iphone 2.0 and airtel gprs


I upgraded to 2.0 yesterday, and the new update won’t let you set your APN etc. So the gprs for airtel won’t work. They have new system which based on profiles to manage all this.

I’ve modified a config profile, So here’s the work around, download this file and mail it to yourself. And via wifi download the mail and it’ll give you an option to install the configuration file and there you go… One you have installed, you have gprs on airtel.


Tech nicety


Yesterday as it was raining heavily, the power went off and I was quite jobless. So I figured out how to tether my macbook to iphone so I can surf from the mac through iphone’s edge. And it worked beautifully. You can get the instructions here

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I like colorful, unintrusive and fresh looking wallpapers.

here are some wallpapers for desktop and iphone, shot at the lalbagh flower show.


A hack day


Yesterday was a complete hack day.

1. I began by hacking my speaker stereo jack to fit into the iphone.

2. I wanted the song “Come all ye fair and tender maidens” by Joan Baez, and after hunting for days to download it for free/listen to it for free, I came across no sites. One of those obscure songs it happens to be. So it was available on itunes but then you need a US Credit card. So I went to rhapsody, they too wanted a US IP to play a f*&^ing song. I decided its time to screw every rule, I put a US proxy and went to rhapsody played the song, plugged in a cable from the stereo out to line in and recorded it on audacity. And then it was sweet bliss!

3. Then there were some permissions/driver issues on mac and iphone wouldn’t get recognized, also my login had lost admin permissions for some weird reason, fixed that too!


And here it is….


Beautiful.. Words don’t do any justice. Here it is.. The iPhone

Watch the keynote address by steve here

Apple just continues to rock!