The Band theory


It was a cold august night in 2006 at the army base in Leh, and after biking for more than 4 days I was spending that time resting in my room. I was sharing my room with an army officer and every evening we would discuss quite a few things and he’d tell me quite a few tales. And this is one of the most important things he told me that night:
its preachy, beware!


Finally! The trip account


I’d first want to thank everyone who has been so helpful and made this trip possible. I take pride in saluting the brave soldiers who have dedicated everything for our safety – “We gave our today for your tomorrow”. I spent a lot of time in army bases and transit camps, and I cannot even begin to describe their hospitality. A BIG SALUTE TO ALL OF THEM.

I had never thought I could do something so risky/dangerous. Truly the most adventurous thing I’ve done so far.

PS: Thanks to deponti for transcribing and editing the account from my diary.

The account