What’s their future?


Its been a lucky season. I’ve been fortunate in seeing and photographing young ones of a few key species found in India. The Joy of seeing a new generation of these animals in times which are hard for their survival has been an overwhelmingly emotional experience.

After a really long wait, I finally managed to be there at the right place at the right time to photograph the Baby King Cobras which had just hatched in a nest close to Agumbe.

I also made a short trip to Nagarhole where 2 leopard cubs abandoned in a sugarcane field close to the Nagarhole forest by the mother and have been rescued by the forest department.

The one question that came across my mind each time I saw them was “What’s their future?”


Leopard tales


Not many times in life does one come across opportunities like this. Wildlife is full of surprises, and one rewarded and when least expected. Having spent almost 2 weeks in the summer in Kabini and having had no luck with photographing any cats though sighted a few, I didn’t expect I’d get to shoot much in the monsoons. But I was in for a pleasant surprise. I was to see two leopards!


Ghost of darkness


A sudden trip to Hampi, made it one of the most memorable ones. We drove to Daroji Bear Sanctuary in the evening and as the light started fading, we got out of the sanctuary. Sanath was driving the car and after a while he spotted the leopard on the edge of the road! It was wading through the empty fields, and what followed later will need a 4 page essay. In short we photographed this guy for a long long time, enough to run out of battery and memory card. I have close to a 100 shots of him in all sorts of positions, but here’s one for the start.