Life update


A lots been happening. For starters I’m no longer with asklaila. It has been a very hard decision to quit a company where I started from day 1 of the company. Well I’ve moved on to fulltime photography and filmmaking. I’m working part time with felis. Its a new exciting phase of life I’m moving on to, where most things are new.

My last few trips to the jungles have been mostly to the western ghats, and to Agumbe. Was with the filming crew of the Nat-geo King Cobra documentary with sandesh, also got to see the hatching of king cobra babies!!! Will post a pic or 2 on that later. A photo-expedition to Agumbe went really well. I couldn’t post the details as the seats were filled even before I sent out a mailer. I’m planning to do another one soon, and will keep you guys posted.

Haven’t had time to process photos but here is the Bush frog and the Beddome’s cat snake I photographed at Agumbe.


Yesterday’s update…


Had a blast, big time party, lots of booze and lots of gifts

One gift takes a special mention, gifted by the special one.

The life series and The blue planet, Its always been a dream to own this!


Life update…


Past 2 months have been hectic in terms of work and couple of other things I’m working on, have had very less travel on the calendar.

Weekend did a trip to Muthodi, have some pics that will be up soon. But travel which has taken a back seat is slowly coming back to full form.

In other news, got myself a Manfrotto 724B


24hr coffee shops…


You are hungry, its 1am. What are your options?

1. Empire, Imperial, Paramount (I can’t eat at any of these places – I’m a veggie)
2. If you’ve stacked up some junk at home, eat that (I’m not that organized)
3. Go to a 24hr medical shop and get chocolates (Chocolates wont fill me)
4. Goto a 24hr coffee shop

Today at 1am I wanted to eat, and eventually I figured out that only way I could eat was at a 24hr coffee shop and eventually went to my all time favorite Mynt.

But seriouly what do you do when you want to eat at 1am and all you want to spend is say 200 bucks?


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Of new year wishes…


I cannot still understand the meaning of mass forwards/sms/emails/orkut scraps wishing new year, I mean how can someone wish everyone on their phone lists? Is it wishing at all? I feel this is just an occasion for you to know that you are on their contact list.

Already I saw some people putting “Happy new year” as their status message/orkut title. At this pace the time when people will start scheduling these mass forwards in advance is not far. And probably, in another couple of years, phone’s with inbuilt modules to do this will be available. Where are we heading?

I still have friends who called me and I called back and wished, but this mass forward business is just beyond me.


Coming back to life…


And finally after a long time things are getting back to where they belong. My job shift is stabilizing and the house shift too…

So this all means one thing! More time to myself and so ladies and gentlemen here I present my picture gallery, all brand new here at still continues to be my cozy hamlet on the internet.

Some pics that I got around to processing this time



The 18rs Dinner


I came home late at around 10pm around and no mood to go and eat out alone. But then I realized was getting hungry as well, and I realised I had just had 10rs as I had forgotten to withdraw cash from the ATM (Yeah cards have spoilt me). And was in no mood to drive to ATM and then go get food. At the same time I was on the phone with and she suggested I find change and go eat something, and she pretty much motivated me to eat I’d say.

So I found change worth 20rs! and then with 30rs I strolled out it was already 10:45 and found the road side shops. Went had a dosa and 2 idlys for 13rs and then I also ate 2 bananas for 5rs. So a hearty meal for 18rs!!! And how satisfying it was.

Danke !


Its that time of life again, time to move on…


2 years and yesterday it got over… Yesterday was my last day at work. Its been such an exciting stay and amazon being my first job, will always remain a first love.

I’ve joined a startup, and I’m posting this from my new office. I’m all excited about the new company, well what more can I say? I’m the first employee of the new company!


Life update and also pics!


Been having very busy schedule, travelling a ton, photographing a lot but haven’t got around processing and posting the pics.

After a lot of scolding from deponti, here it comes. Some photographs from my new equipment