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Yesterday as it was raining heavily, the power went off and I was quite jobless. So I figured out how to tether my macbook to iphone so I can surf from the mac through iphone’s edge. And it worked beautifully. You can get the instructions here

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A hack day


Yesterday was a complete hack day.

1. I began by hacking my speaker stereo jack to fit into the iphone.

2. I wanted the song “Come all ye fair and tender maidens” by Joan Baez, and after hunting for days to download it for free/listen to it for free, I came across no sites. One of those obscure songs it happens to be. So it was available on itunes but then you need a US Credit card. So I went to rhapsody, they too wanted a US IP to play a f*&^ing song. I decided its time to screw every rule, I put a US proxy and went to rhapsody played the song, plugged in a cable from the stereo out to line in and recorded it on audacity. And then it was sweet bliss!

3. Then there were some permissions/driver issues on mac and iphone wouldn’t get recognized, also my login had lost admin permissions for some weird reason, fixed that too!


Back to mac


After about 8 years I’m again back to mac, this post is coming straight from safari. I used to own a mac se long back, it was my first computer. After another 6 computers, I finally got a macbook!