Travel and more travel


A new photo assignment I’ve taken up with Mahindra Holidays, will make me a travel all around India in the coming month.

I started off last week with Thekkady, will be going to Munnar, Aleppy, Delhi, Rajasthan and probably Ladakh.

When I took of at cochin, 2 days back. I could see monsoon clouds, thick and dark approaching. Bye bye summer, Happy monsoons!


Malabar Pit Viper


Vipers are venomous, and the malabar pit viper is endemic to the western ghats as the name suggests. These are nocturnal hunters and bask and laze around during the day. The pit vipers get their name from the pits (the holes that look like nose), which are heat sensing, which helps in detect warm-blooded animals like rodents & birds in absolute darkness.


Back from the trip…


Got back from the monsoon chase, highlights:

1. Got the first leech bite of the season, Yeah no more ticks!

2. We literally chased monsoons for a short time, but the monsoons haven’t set in completely in kerala

3. Got to photograph 2 of the rarest species of birds in India, will post the pics soon

Route we took:
Bangalore – Udumalpet – Munnar – Thattekad – Thrissur – Palakkad – Bangalore


Monsoon attacking…


For the second time, I’m missing monsoons by couple of days, so off in less than 10hrs monsoon attacking. Will hit kerala from the west and then follow back through the monsoon path on the east side.