Mumbai street photography on a mobile phone


I have always wanted to try street photography. A big camera (read DSLR) unfortunately is not the tool for it I’ve realized, the attention the camera seeks takes away from the natural expressions and ruins almost all opportunities for a candid shot. Recently when I upgraded my mobile phone to a Samsung Galaxy SII with an amazing camera and visited mumbai simultaneously, it was the perfect time for me to try my hand at street photography. This experiment is also to reiterate that the a DSLR is not always the solution and even a mobile phone can produce some amazing results…

Marine drive walkway

Juhu chowpatty

Sunset at Juhu chowpatty

No trip to Mumbai is complete without Masala Pav

And ofcourse the famous colas

Ganapati immersion procession

Boys who take the Ganapati for the immersion

The old and new, mills that make way for malls – Phoenix mall

Contrasting worlds

Madh island, the escapade from the bustling city

The ever growing city and its needs… The sealink


My 2 cents on the blasts


I’ve been following the developments close on various media nets. Couple of observations…

1. The Israeli expert said the terrorists want advertisements and air time to spread terror and thats what hundreds of media organizations around the world are giving them! Free air time and its more than 24hrs of it! It now makes sense why the terrorists have not done a suicide bombing which would have lasted merely a couple of minutes and would have killed hundreds, but are holding hostage for more than a day and getting the attention of the whole world.

2. Why are we so ill-equipped? The chief of ATS got shot in the chest. What kind of bullet proof jacket allows a man to be shot in the chest? Look at the indian commando v/s a SWAT team personnel

3. Why haven’t we heard from any of the politicians or the thackerays who are so concerned?

4. Why hasn’t there been another attack on the US after 9/11, but a series of them in India? Clearly there has been no progress in our approach to any of these terror attacks.

We will all get back to our lives in a day or 2 after this clears and it’ll be back to square one until another attack. There were great leaders fighting for our independence back in time. Where are all the leaders now? We have progressed exceptionally in fields of communication and technology. We have much more man power than we ever had and the whole world (6.7 billion) is terror struck by a network not more than a few thousand strong, Can WE do something and not forget this again, Any thoughts?

2 must watch videos


Mumbai terror attacks – Wiki


For all those who want some consolidated brief on the events

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