Pixetra club outings


I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the photo workshops conducted by pixetra, its fun to be in the wild with people who are very keen on photography and are nature lovers too.

Highlight of the trip is that I got a glimpse of a jungle cat (i’m 90% sure)

A detailed account on the second trip here on metroblogs by

And here are 2 more pics from the muthodi trip

Bird in action
Tall teak tree

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Scarlet minivets


Scarlet minivet – scape
Scarlet minivet – profile


Life update…


Past 2 months have been hectic in terms of work and couple of other things I’m working on, have had very less travel on the calendar.

Weekend did a trip to Muthodi, have some pics that will be up soon. But travel which has taken a back seat is slowly coming back to full form.

In other news, got myself a Manfrotto 724B